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Built in 1846, The Portland Forge is the oldest operating blacksmith shop in the state of Maine. It is located at 58 Fore St., tucked behind a corner of the larger Portland Company — an historic, brick complex of which The Forge is a part — and down a narrow alley lined by parallel brick buildings. The shop abuts the city’s 200-plus-year-old seawall. Without a fire blazing in the forge, the lighting inside takes on the attenuated, charcoal-grays of its interior. Among the anvil, hammers and bellows and soot-stained walls, it’s easy to feel locked into pre-industrial history.

But soon Sam Smith, owner of The Portland Forge and a practicing blacksmith, may have to relocate. In 2013, Phineas Sprague, the then-owner of the 10-acre Portland Complex, sold the waterfront property to James Brady, a managing partner of the real estate development company CPB2LLC. And last June, after a great deal of controversy, the City Council passed plans for the development of condos on the 10-acre lot, much of which is detailed at Brady’s site, http://www.cpb2.com.

Log house and blacksmith shop open

  1. Albin Drzewianowski, who teaches blacksmithing at the farm museum, will have a fire going with an anvil and he will be pounding metal. The husband of one of the jewelers, Paul Shepherd is bringing a wood lathe and will be turning wood. He does pencils 
  2. Hear the hammer and anvil ring, listen to tales of life on the frontier, and imagine that the modern world doesn't exist for an afternoon. For questions or more information about any other parks or Park District programs, please call the Nature Center
  3. He couldn't afford blacksmith equipment. His only job was playing the fife with the Fort Pitt Fife and Drum group, and he occasionally dog-sat, so he had to improvise. He made a cast-iron forge out of a brake drum he found in the woods, bought

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