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Blacksmith forges hammers, and a career, in 1860s shop

The first thing Aaron Cergol ever made was a little playhouse for Beanie Babies.

He built it with a hinged roof that opened and closed, and his dad, a carpenter, let him use some of his power tools. Aaron, at the time, was 4.

Several years and many projects later, he got an Xbox. He can't recall whether it was a present or if he bought it himself, but he does remember that after about a month and a half he grew tired of playing it.

So he did what any sensible teenage boy would do: He sold the Xbox and used the money to buy a forge. He's been pounding on red-hot steel ever since.

"Everyone," said Cergol, who just turned 23 and likes nothing better than to lay a block of almost-molten metal on an anvil and whale on it with a 3-pound hammer, "says I was born a couple centuries too late."

But there's money to be made in the ancient ways. After less than a year of going at it seriously, Cergol is developing a business fashioning hand-forged hammers that sell for $100 and up.

'The Complete Modern Blacksmith' by Alexander Weygers

  1. Blacksmith shop, anvils, forge, all were prerequisites for such a “shoot.” One very interesting and rare photo shows the Battery setting up for a salute behind that same blacksmith shop but on Alexander Street, a street now gone, at the site of new
  2. Be it making your own anvil or designing a water pump system, from making new tools to fixing a broken one, this tome is ridiculously complete. It is actually 3 out-of-print books combined into one. The Complete Modern Blacksmith got my brain working.
  3. Artist blacksmiths include Dr. Ade Offuniyin, Yaw Owusu Sangofemi, John Roberson and Gilbert Walker Jr. With a combined experience of more than 108 years behind the anvil, these men will explain the importance of their work as seen in the Lowcountry 

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