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Connoisseur's delight

True connoisseurs know their gold and diamond jewellery. They can spot an exclusive, handcrafted piece from one of those mass-produced blings, from a mile ahead. That’s why they would, perhaps, like shopping at Bhima Boutique, Bhima jewellery’s new retail space at its landmark store on M.G. Road. Here each piece, be it necklaces, earrings or bangles, is a true work of art, painstakingly handcrafted to perfection. And each one is a statement piece that you would never want to take off! Take for example, the spectacular neckpiece of pear shaped emeralds that flow into a big locket offset with round diamonds, rubies, pearls and even more emeralds. Or the statement diamond necklace, which on closer inspection is like a rose bush in full bloom – diamonds crafted into the shape of tiny roses – complemented by a locket of rubies that dance merrily inside a glass enclosure. Or even the coral necklace inset in exquisite filigree work topped by a swish of Kundan stones that appears as if it’s cascading out of a pot of gold…

Julep celebrates drinking traditions of South

  1. Knife maker Paul Largin will bring his anvil and the first 25 who stop by the blacksmith shop Sunday can hammer their own little sword on the anvil. Harlan expects American Indian re-enactors again will attract visitors. "I don't know Activities
  2. "She belonged to the owner of the Old Blue Antique Shop. It used to sit Huerta, whom cocktail enthusiasts know from her work at Anvil Bar & Refuge and the Pastry War, comes armed with local and regional scholarship about Southern drinks and practices.
  3. You can hear the ring of hammer on anvil as a blacksmith forms horseshoes. You can pet a donkey. You can watch sawyers guide logs into a humming circular Skinner's has 14 original, historic buildings, 60 antique tractors and steam engines — some

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