Bumper season signals buoyant times at Henty Machinery Field Days

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Discover these June events in the Yakima Valley

  1. The rural Morrow County resident is bringing a display of antique farm machinery to Der Dutchman Heritage Day in Plain City on Saturday. Among his contraptions are a corn sheller, a burr mill (to grind corn) and a tractor that requires hand-cranking
  2. Features vintage farm equipment, antique cars and more. Anvil launch, Celtic music, pipe bands, Highland fancers, Highland heavy athletics, Irish dancers, clan tents, MacPherson's Farm, children's activities, Scottish vendors, Flying Anvil Pub
  3. Get some earplugs and head to Queen's Park for the Ancient and Honourable Hyack Anvil Battery's “21-gun” salute to Queen Victoria, who named New Westminster, and Queen Elizabeth. The Royal City tradition gets underway on Monday, May 23 at Queen's 

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