Bumper season signals buoyant times at Henty Machinery Field Days

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Grant Days celebrated for 20th year by many in Georgetown

  1. Sonoma, CA – Sonoma Cider, the award-winning hard cider company rapidly gaining a reputation for its certified organic ingredients and crisp, distinctive flavors, will be opening the doors to its first brick-and-mortar taproom in early August 2016
  2. while adults enjoyed the Civil War antique displays, tours of Grant's boyhood home, good food, live period-appropriate musical entertainment, Civil War soldier attire worn by many, and great presentations on Grant and the Civil War given by local
  3. Past an antique threshing machine, I wander into the simulacrum of a blacksmith shop, inoperative but authentically rendered down to anvil and forge. I imagine dipping my frozen head into its cauldron. If the museum makes a curatorial statement

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