Bumper season signals buoyant times at Henty Machinery Field Days

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Doug and Janet Rice Donate Use of Antique Surrey to Aberdeen High School ...

  1. For everyone not into sports, open a bottle or two of sparkling French cider, such as Eric Bordelet Sidre Brut “Tendre” or Sydre “Argelette” made from antique apples grown on his orchards just south of Normandy. Or try Cidrerie du Vulcain “Trois Pepins
  2. The Rices' surrey is part of a collection of restored carriages, sleighs and wagons the couple maintains at the Running Anvil Ranch outside of Montesano. It was once owned by the Twidwells, who homesteaded on the Lower Satsop Valley. The surrey fell
  3. This 1898 version of Giuseppe Verdi's “Anvil Chorus” from Il Trovatore — whistled by a guy named John Yorke Atlee. (You can't make this stuff up.) This 1913 recording of the Highlanders Bagpipe Band. Curator David Seubert tells me UCSB's

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