Simulations Plus (SLP) CEO Walt Woltosz on Q4 2014 Results - Earnings Call ...


Good afternoon. It is Tuesday, November 25, 2014 and on behalf of Simulations Plus, I welcome you to our fourth quarter and fiscal year 2014 financial results conference call.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Walt Woltosz; and President Ted Grasela will be presenting this afternoon. Joining then as panelists are Chief Financial Officer, John Kneisel; and Vice President of Marketing and Sales, John DiBella.

An opportunity to ask questions will follow the presentation. You may send your written question using the questions pane on your control panel or if you’d like to ask your question directly, please simply use the hand-raising icon on your control panel. If you are using a telephone please be sure to enter the unique audio pin displayed when you join the call. This call is being recorded for playback at our website, .

It’s now my pleasure to turn the presentation over to Walt Woltosz.

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