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Tool Selection Tips - Gearhead Garage Gear

  1. Crack hickory nuts in a vise or heavy duty nutcracker by applying pressure across the widest dimension. Since hickory nuts are vulnerable to weevils, use the water sorting method described for walnuts to identify and discard infested nuts. Mary V
  2. There are several units from Lincoln and Miller on the market nowadays that'll work with either 110 or 210-volt input, but if you have to choose between the two, get a 210-volt model since the duty cycle and power will be greater than a 110-volt. The
  3. If the pipe is stout, you might use a clamp or vise, but be careful not to bend it. For strong pipe, you can use a hacksaw or It also might be good to buy a small rubber mat to fit under the whole thing, or some heavy-duty rubber feet. These are

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