Hit itBlacksmith's forge and some toolsPerfect fit

Lives: Robert S. Wilson, steel-driving man

  1. He showed a grease lamp containing animal fat that would be lighted and a frying pan which would have been made by a blacksmith. People who Cora was dressed in an apron, a skirt, petticoats, a short gown, a shift serving as an undergarment and a cap.
  2. He was also a polymath: a teacher, amateur astronomer, bluegrass guitarist, granddad and outdoorsman as well as a renowned artisan blacksmith who mastered the design and production of ornamental ironwork, putting into practice his admiration for the 3
  3. "People have described seeing a man, just under 6-feet-tall, standing between two of the barber chairs at night wearing an apron with something in his pocket." A framed black and white photograph of Shorty hangs on the shop wall near the front door, 

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