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Carencro teen keeps blacksmith tradition alive

  1. Taking a break from his hard work, this blacksmith rests his hands on the end of his sledgehammer. A leather apron protects him from heat, flying sparks and the sharp edges of the wartime iron implements he creates. The Blacksmith Sculpted by Florence 
  2. They told Riehl he would have to wear pants, boots, protective eye wear and an apron to take part in the fun. “I don't think they expected me to come back, but I came back the following year dressed in the proper attire. And they felt obligated to let
  3. The blacksmith has also taught his craft at the White Bear Center for the Arts and hopes a next phase of the new center includes a separate building for woodworking, blacksmithing and iron work — the open-flame-with-a -forge type stuff. “There's a

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