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Carencro teen keeps blacksmith tradition alive

  1. Other places of interest will include the new Cider Mill, Blacksmith Shop, Sugar Shack, Grain Elevator, Powerhouse and the sawmill. Also on display will be 'hit & miss' gas engines, shingle mill and forge, There will be horse-drawn wagon rides
  2. They told Riehl he would have to wear pants, boots, protective eye wear and an apron to take part in the fun. “I don't think they expected me to come back, but I came back the following year dressed in the proper attire. And they felt obligated to let
  3. A blacksmith will sometimes wear fringe at the bottom of his or her apron, suggesting that the tailor -- in his jealousy -- climbed under the table and began to cut the blacksmith's apron. Whether or not there is any truth to the story, there is no

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