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Malevich review – an intensely moving retrospective

  1. “The image people conjure up of a blacksmith is of you with your clogs on in an apron wielding a hammer so when people ask me what I do, I tend to say architectural and sculptural metal work now,” explains Chris, who was brought up in Far Sawrey and 
  2. The peasant woman appears in headscarf and apron. The worker stands proud with his Stalin moustache. woman worker malevich Woman Worker, 1933, by which There are poignant souvenirs of Malevich's radical past if you look – the future, as it might
  3. Much has been written about the low-key nature of Wilford Brimley, the mustachioed movie star who has built a franchise around playing a grouchy old guy on the big screen. In a typical self-assessment in the Powell (Wyoming) Tribune this spring

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