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FAQ: Forge Blower?

FAQI am building a propane forge using dual blower. For the forge body I am using an empty propane tank cut out on both ends. I was thinking about installing dual orifice with dual blowers. I've seen a Dayton blower model 2C069 sold at and was

A: I know your up on this but just propane and air won't make a good forge unless you have a way of mixing oxygen with the propane....? The Propane just won't get hot enough no matter how much air you put with it...I have a forge that uses coal and air only

Lawyer: Revilla confirmed his signatures, why deny now?

MANILA, Philippines - Dismissing Senator Ramon Revilla Jr.'s claim that 'pork barrel' scam whistle-blowers are professional forgers, lawyer Levito Baligod said the lawmaker himself confirmed the authenticity of his signatures years ago.

"Bakit inamin niya noon pero ngayon ay dini-deny niya. Dahil ba may kaso na ngayon?" Baligod, legal counsel of the whistle-blowers led by Benhur Luy, said in an interview with radio dzMM on Tuesday morning.

The lawyer said that Revilla was asked by the Commission on Audit (COA) in 2011 to validate documents requesting for his Priority Development Assistance Funds to be released to fraudulent non-government organizations of businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles.

"Kalakip ng sulat ay napakaraming dokumento na nagpapakita ng pirma ni Senator Revilla at ang tanong ng COA, 'Pirma mo ba ang lahat ng ito at galing ba ang mga dokumentong ito sa iyong opisina?" Baligod recounted.

In his priority speech on Monday, Revilla called the whistleblowers a "political wrecking crew" and dubbed Luy "Boy Pirma." The senator also denied that he earlier confirmed his signatures affixed in the said documents.

Gamescom 2014: Sunset Overdrive Preview – Amped Up

  1. Events in the 'blower' category have been overshadowed by Nathandla-gate, but at Phakisa the series controllers took wide-ranging steps to ensure technical compliance. In class A, can Fourie continue to forge ahead, or will Audi bounce back?
  2. Dealing with the Spawners, Muggers, Gunkers and a Hurker and Blower that soon show up to the party – the former boasting a huge digger scoop for an arm, while the latter is a long range OD'd fused with a leaf blower – things soon get even more chaotic
  3. Not far from where Overby sat, John Reynolds of Critz was admiring the blacksmithing of Jared Fain of the Patrick Springs area, who was heating, hammering and shaping metal, using a traditional forge with a hand-cranked blower system, an anvil and hand 

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