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Demand Up, Supplies Short, Causing Spike in Propane Prices

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. (CBS) — There’s a nationwide propane shortage, with the extreme cold across much of the nation causing propane heating costs in select areas to rise.

Industry professionals say the propane supply is low mainly because of the weather: a wet autumn had farmers in the midwest drying corn crops with propane, and the harsh winter has had customers with propane heat cranking up their thermostats.

ThereĀ  are other factors, such as exports and pipelines that have been down for maintenance, which has added to higher costs is the midwest and northeastern parts of the country.

Simon Bowman is a spokesman for Amerigas Propane (with corporate offices in Valley Forge), the largest propane retail distributor in the United States.

“It’s important to remember that wholesale prices — the price we buy propane at — is up 60 percent plus from a year ago, and that’s due to numerous reasons, both supply and demand,”

BEAUMONT: Six seek three seats on City Council

  1. There were also roof fires on west Second street and also on Valley Forge rd. Aerosol cans and 55 gallon drums were flying through the . This fire was fed by propane tanks inside the warehouse, he said. It did not help that it was a windy day too
  2. Berg, 59, a construction manager, has served on the council since 1993. De Forge, 57, director of maintenance and operations for Beaumont Unified School District, has served since 1999. Castaldo, 53, owns a propane business and was elected in 2010.
  3. Jerry Rados of Columbia, Ky., heats a bar of metal in the propane-powered forge before using a trip-hammer to reduce its dimensions. Next, Rados takes the hot steel to a nearby table and attaches the ends to handles, so he and Steve Culver, of Meriden

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