Sleek Peek: Local Jewelry From BD'angelo is Understated, Yet Edgy

, From top left: 18K gold vermeil cuff with chain, $216. Balance Collection 14K gold vermeil pendant necklace, price upon request. Lost Boys 18K gold vermeil skull earrings, $136. Balance Collection 14K gold vermeil ring, price upon request. Photos: David Croxford


One glance around Marissa Beatrice’s Mililani studio and it’s clear, this isn’t some hobbyist’s play area. The B.D’angelo designer is the real deal. Her dedication to great craftsmanship is evidenced in both her massive tool collection, a dizzying array of pliers, hammers, blades and shapers that cover her work table and fill the drawers beneath it, and the serious pieces of machinery scattered about the cozy, 10-by-12-foot room. In one corner sits an industrial-size acetylene tank used for soldering. In another, the 50-pound beast of a polisher that Beatrice brought back from California. “It was too heavy to ship at a decent price, so I bought it a plane ticket and hand-carried it home,” she says.

Gas cylinder leak

  1. CEBU - A man was killed and four others were hurt after an acetylene tank exploded in Balamban, Cebu on Friday. Marquil Pilapil, manager of MAP Electrical and Marine Services, was killed on the spot after the explosion. Four other workers - Nestor
  2. The area had been cordoned off and firemen were still involved venting and monitoring the acetylene cylinder until after midnight. The fire brigade was alerted at 2.25pm. Two sets of breathing apparatus, a ground monitor and thermal imaging camera were 
  3.  I doubt the acetylene or fuel tank was also on, since that would quickly have been detected due to the odors added to fuel gasses (unless they were using hydrogen fuel gas. That's not got an odor, and though it dissipates quickly, in a closed

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