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8 acetylene gang members nabbed while digging tunnel in Quezon City

MANILA, Philippines–Eight members of the notorious Acetylene gang were caught red handed by police while digging a tunnel leading to a pawnshop before dawn Tuesday in Quezon City.

The gang members, seven male and one female, all native of Mountain Province, were arrested around 12:15 a.m. inside their rented apartment adjacent to Ochoa Realica pawnshop on Villongco Street in Barangay (village) Commonwealth after a two-day stake out by joint operatives of the Cordillera, Urdaneta and Quezon City police.

This led the chief of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) to quip that the robbers were like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

“Like in the tale, these suspects come from Mt. Province and Benguet and are miners. Instead of digging for gold, they dig for cash,” said QCPD director Chief Supt. Richard Albano.

At the time of their arrest, five of the men were sleeping while two were inside the tunnel, police said.

“They were taking turns in digging the tunnel when we caught them,” said theft and robbery section head Inspector Alan dela Cruz of the QCPD’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit.

Torches and leaking gas tanks don't mix

  1. Acetylene filled balloons: I'm sorry to have to admit this bit of genius took place in my state. Fish oil plant: Well, I've always found those salmon Circular saw meets crude oil tank = explosion = tank splits in half! Garage door blown off during
  2. The blast, which hurled one employee more than 20 feet, was caused, according to fire officials, by an acetylene cutting torch which set fire to gasoline leaking from a tank. 25 years ago, 1989: Thousand of Elvis Presley fans made their annual
  3. In my shop, I only need to fill my oxygen tank about once every year or so, and even less frequently for the acetylene cylinder. My tanks hold approximately 130 cubic feet of gas each. I think the small cylinders you are looking at have a capacity of

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