New railroad bridge gets rolled into place on Main Street in Concord

It’s one of those things that happens once, well, maybe not even once in a lifetime.

But over the weekend, the historic railroad bridge over Main Street just past the South Bridge Boat House was painstakingly taken down and a new wider, higher bridge was rolled into place.

The project was part of the $300 million Fitchburg railroad line improvement, according to Joe Nolan, the community outreach consultant who worked with the town, MassDOT and the MBTA.

Nolan said commuter disruption was held to a minimum as crews worked around the clock Aug. 28 into Aug. 29 to replace the bridge and tracks.

Once the old structure was removed, the new bridge was rolled into place, inch by inch, on two trailers that could handle the 220-ton steel behemoth. An engineer associated with the project said the trucks could handle a structure that weighed up to 300 tons.

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