Potters market handcrafted ceramics

  1. Sally Taylor's three-dimensional convention centre for Lanzarote was praised for “deft use of space frame and fire brick… construct[ing] her own architecture around a programme-less space.” Georgina Hale's depiction of cigarette smuggling on the coast 
  2. "They learn marketing from the other potters and get to interact with alumni and professional potters." Dunsmore signs her pieces with her nickname, "Midge." The pieces include a covered dish with fire brick red glaze and earth-tone accents, a tiki
  3. “I'm crazy about Schell's Firebrick,” gushed Michael Agnew, the state's most celebrated cicerone. High praise from a guy who hit up 200-plus Midwest breweries for his latest book. The Vienna lager debuted in 1998 — when some of today's craft brewers

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