U.S. district court in Minnesota rejects owner's implied warranty claims ...

  1. “It's traditional Neapolitan pizza,” says co-owner and pizza maker Chris Bryan. “It's made in a wood-fire brick oven. The oven gets to about 850 degrees, so that allows all the ingredients to kind of cook at the same time so nothing really dries out
  2. Spectro Alloys Corporation (“Spectro”) operates a smelter, and it hired Fire Brick Engineers (“FBE”) to install refractory lining to two furnaces in Spectro's plant. When that refractory lining failed prematurely, Spectro sued FBE for breach of express
  3. Wood-fire, coal-fire, brick-oven How pizza is baked adds flavor, flair to local pies: NEO'S Best Pizza. Who made that great pizza? You! A simple Pizza Margherita, made with good dough, a smear of sauce, herbs and a little cheese, is enhanced by

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