EnvisionTEC to Unveil New Xtreme 3SP 3D Printer, New Software & Materials at ...

Next week Euromold takes place in Frankfurt, Germany. In what promises to be a fun filled, exciting exhibition, packed full of some of the largest, as well as some smaller companies within the 3D Printing space, a slew of new products and services are being unveiled.

For EnvisionTEC , a company with dual headquarters in Gladbeck, Germany and Dearborn, Michigan, it will certainly be a big week. The company, which has made a name for themselves within the market for professional grade digital light processing 3D printers, will be unveiling several key new products. Today we got a sneak peek at some of them.

First off will be the company’s latest hardware addition, the Xtreme 3SP printer . With a build envelope of 254 x 381 x 330 mm, and a maximum XY resolution of around 100 microns, this new printer is perfect for manufacturers looking to create molds, prototypes, and even end-use products, fast and efficiently. Like EnvisionTEC’s other 3D printers, the Xtreme 3SP will provide that smooth, high quality surface finish that the company has become known for. Also like many of EnvisionTEC’s other machines, the Xtreme 3SP will feature its own stand-alone PC to easily operate the system all within a confined area.

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