Windows 10 is shaping up to be the best version yet. And it's free.

Windows 10 review: what is Windows 10?

Microsoft in late 2014 took the wraps off the Technical Preview of its next Windows operating system, and in doing so it took everyone by surprise. We expected the next generation of Windows: we just didn't expect it to be called Windows 10. None the less here is Windows 10: the next Windows OS for PCs and laptops , smartphones and tablets . And, indeed, an OS for servers and all points inbetween.

Microsoft said that Windows 10 is built from the ground up for a world in which mobile- and cloud computing are key. Execs from the company said it was committed to making Windows 10 friendly for the enterprise, ideal for keyboard and mouse users, but also optimised for touch. Oh, and Windows 10 will put the same interface on devices with displays ranging in size from 4in to 80in. 'One product family, one platform, one store,' says Microsoft. 

Given the lukewarm reaction to compromised Windows 8 , these seem like bold claims. They are necessary, though.Also necessary is Microsoft's decision to make Windows 10 the most beta-tested product it has ever released. Windows 10 was tested by over 4 million people around the world before its launch.

Aspen Times Weekly: Success, Martin Sexton-style

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