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£100000 of Jamie Oliver branded cookwear stolen from a warehouse

Thieves have stolen more than £100,000 worth of Jamie Oliver's branded cooking gear from a warehouse.

The break-in happened at the Jamie at Home warehouse in Eastleigh, Hants, when thieves forced open a fire exit.

They used a forklift truck truck inside the warehouse to remove items after opening the front shutters.

Among the items taken were four clay pizza ovens worth £1,200 pounds each, 228 cast iron griddles worth £45 pounds each and 179 knives and peeler sets worth £70 each.

In addition, the thieves also helped themselves to 400 baloo soup spoons boxsets worth £25.

Jamie at Home is the celebrity chef's party plan business which was launched in March 2009.

He collaborated with designers to create his collection of cooking products called the Jme collection for Jamie at Home.

A spokesman for Jamie Oliver said they were co-operating with police enquiries.

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