Pantelligent smart frying pan is like a GPS for your dinner

The geeky home is currently under siege from a shuffling hoard of smart gadgets. We've got smart thermostats, smart light bulbs, smart sprinklers, smart outlets, smart beds and smart refrigerators. Resistance is futile. If you're ready to just break down and embrace smart everything, there's a Kickstarter you should be checking out: Pantelligent, the smart frying pan .

Pantelligent is a 12-inch non-stick frying pan with a temperature sensor and Bluetooth in the handle. Pull up a recipe on the Pantelligent app, fire up the pan and let the app walk you through the entire process, from adding the oil to adjusting the temperature, and even telling you when to flip the salmon fillet. It also lets you know when the grub is done and ready to eat.

This smart frying pan is a GPS for dinner. It walks you through the directions step-by-step and sends you alerts when you wander away from the pan. Just like when using a GPS, you should still cultivate your own cooking common sense. It never hurts to double-check doneness with a thermometer or cut open the chicken to see if it's still pink inside before you chow down.

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