Steamboat A to Z

Wondering what to do this winter in this fair hamlet of ours nestled at the base of Mt. Werner? Practice your alphabet while thumbing through the following A to Z activities.

A Apres

Aaah, it doesn’t get much better than kicking you legs up by the fire with a beer, wine or cocktail in hand after a hard day on the slopes. Luckily, apres options abound in Steamboat, letting you finish your day on Mt. Werner by skiing or riding straight into your favorite libation, munchies, live music and more (and hot chocolate for the kiddos). Options include the famous Ice Bar at Slopeside Grill, just off the Right-O-Way trail at the base of the ski area; the T-bar in the old patrol headquarters below the Christie lift; Truffle Pig in the new One Steamboat Place; and the Bear River Bar and Grill deck in Gondola Square, now home to a European-inspired terrace and umbrella bar. A slew of choices also exist downtown, all with happy hour specials for after your day on the slopes.

12 Mental Tricks to Beat Cravings and Lose Weight

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