Farm-Fresh Frittata showcases teen's growing culinary skills

Mashiki, how did you hear about the Boys Grow program and what made you decide to apply? (Founder) John (Gordon Jr.) came to our school and did a presentation on the program. My English teacher encouraged me to apply and now I am in the first year of my two years there.

I like being part of Boys Grow, and I think it’s very fun and productive work on the farm. I like working in the ground, planting seeds and watching how fast things grow. Also, my time there helps me excel in my lifelong goal of wanting to be a chef.

Who inspires you to be a chef? My dad is a cook and I want to follow in his footsteps, although we each cook different kinds of food. It’s fun cooking with my dad, and I especially like when we make rice and beans together with biscuits.

I also like to make Southeast Asian and West Indian dishes, because they are exotic in flavor but are relatively easy to prepare using fresh ingredients. I like being at Boys Grow, because if I need some fresh ingredients for a dish, I just have to go to the garden for the produce.

Life imitates Animal Farm: 'Some have more equal rights'

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  2. During a debate about the threat to free speech on university campuses, Richard Brooks, the Vice-President of the National Union of Students, almost quoted George Orwell's Animal Farm directly when he said that "some people have more equal rights than
  3. Soon the bell tolled for the dinner, and everyone began filing into the grand ballroom. Errol offered Olivia his arm. “Can I escort you to dinner?” No woman could refuse, especially the woman who had contributed the most to Flynn's romantic mystique

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