Area history, Sept. 14, 2015

Today is Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. Here are news reports from this date 100, 50 and 15 years ago:

In 1915: "Wayne Strouse is only 8 years old but he steals horses. He also is accused of having stolen a toy automobile," the Daily Gazette reported. "Bare-head, bare-footed and attired only in a little pair of blue overalls and a blue shirt, the lad was led into the police station about 10 o'clock this morning by Judge C. C. Staley and delivered to Acting Chief of Police Sadorus. An hour or so before Wayne had stolen Judge Staley's horse and buggy from a hitching post on front of the Robeson Office Building on West Church Street near Randolph Street." After being sternly lectured, the Gazette said, the boy was returned to his father, who said the family intends to return to Olney in about a week. Wayne and his older brother are not enrolled in school here.

In 1965: Urbana's new elementary school on East Washington Street will remain nameless until Sept. 27 or 28 when there will be a special school board meeting. Forty-nine names have been suggested, with Adlai Stevenson and James H. Cherry receiving substantial support. Among the others suggested: John Adams, Bluestem, Busey, Eastview, Thomas Edison, Clark Robinson Griggs, Indian Woods, Thomas Jefferson, Kennedy, Kerner,  Robert E. Lee, Perkins, Prairie, Eleanor Roosevelt, Len Small, Sunnyside, Sunnyview, Thornburn and Windy Acres.

The force awakens

  1. Equestrian-concerns-1. In this undated photo, horses follow a trail leading from an entrance near Del Amo Boulevard and head south to the Dominguez Gap Wetlands area. Last week, the Long Beach City Council approved in a first-reading vote the proposal 
  2. guitar man Kraig Johnson ignited like an uber-urgent reincarnation of Young's raggedly glorious band Crazy Horse, especially when howling, as all concerned did with real gusto, the Young-penned manifesto of, “Hey hey my my/Rock and roll will never
  3. Potholes around crossings, lumps of asphalt covering pointwork and raised rail-heads are some of the city's more treacherous driving hazards, although the department has emergency gangs who fill in the crevasses after every down-pour - until the next

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