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Future Of Water District On Minds Of Many

Many water users are scratching their collective noggins wondering what will come out of a Gila County Board of Supervisors meeting to be held 5 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 16 in the Pine Cultural Hall. The meeting is being held to discuss the options of managing the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District in light of the resignations of five board members.

District One Supervisor Tommie Martin has said about the upcoming meeting, “The full board of management will attend” and “the primary purpose of the meeting will be to serve as an information sharing and listening session.”

Some PSWID customers were hoping the supervisors would appoint a third new member to form a working quorum with current board members Tom Weeks and Sam Schwalm. The two are the only board members who did not resign several weeks ago when Ray Pugel, Ron Calderon, Gary Lovetro, Mike Claxton and Richard Dickinson all resigned while facing the possibility of being recalled.

Wysox-area resident turning 100

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