Dept. of Wish Fulfillment

I went to a dueling piano bar last Thursday, almost a year after my first visit. Compared to Louie Louie ’s ridiculously festive décor –– instruments, piñatas, bras, deer heads –– Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar ’s was sort of tame. And the ribald versions of pop songs were equally ho-hum. Some friends and I had gone to Pete’s to kill time before the 10 p.m. comedy open-mic at nearby Hyena’s Comedy Night Club . As one of the pianists was barreling through “ Pour Some Sugar on Me ” while directing several recent TCU grads to get familiar with one another in a stationary conga line , one of my friends leaned over. “This is probably the funniest thing we’re gonna see tonight,” he said.

It was not, and it also wasn’t the funniest –– in a weird, tragicomic way –– thing I’d seen that day. It was a Thursday, and every Thursday, I arrive at The Boiled Owl Tavern

The SoCal Frog Experience

  1. The time starts ticking. Find all the clues and solve the puzzles, like decoding messages and finding nooks to secret doors. There's also the game master who watches via a surveillance camera and chimes in if the riddles are just too darn hard (trust
  2. Showing up at the Hickory Tavern in Asheville, NC to watch games when I'm sometimes there just garners puzzled stares from App State, UNC, and NC State fans. Around the country many of us have Frog Club cards, good for discounts at many merchants in
  3. But I sorted it out soon enough, identifying the old tavern, ski hill and Grandpa's cottage. I drove by it about four times, probably alarming the people sitting in the yard of the cottage on the other side of the road, but got a few pictures to share

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