Blacksmithing at Northern Crescent Iron

  1. It's old school technique with hammer and anvil and a swage block. I weld to get the shape and a torch to tweak the fins and give it more life. “It's a long process, especially the first one. All the fish on the gate are variations. Some like the perch
  2. Blacksmith apprentice Alana McLaughlin uses a hammer and a swage block to add a curve to the handle part of the railroad spike knife on Tuesday at Northern Crescent Iron Inc. in Flat Rock. Paul L. Newby II /, Asheville
  3. According to the 1901-02 college catalog, 'The Forge Shop has twenty-four forges and anvils, and necessary small tools, shears, blacksmith's drill, vises, swage-block, etc. A few forges are equipped with hand-blowers in addition to motor-driver power

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