East Texas blacksmith creates metal pieces of art

  1. According to the 1901-02 college catalog, 'The Forge Shop has twenty-four forges and anvils, and necessary small tools, shears, blacksmith's drill, vises, swage-block, etc. A few forges are equipped with hand-blowers in addition to motor-driver power
  2. Whether it's the heat of summer or the middle of the night, he can head to his shop and work. In Fontenot's shop, at his Tyler home, sits a swage block and anvil, as well as a self-made hammer, among other things.
  3. Among his tools is a vise grip, which was actually invented in 1910 by a blacksmith who grew tired of dropping hot iron on his feet, Monsson said. When he wants to give a metal piece a specific curve, he can put a swage block on the anvil. A swage

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