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Friday exhibit

Homer’s America: Selections from the Permanent Collection, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls. Exhibition in Hoopes Gallery featuring a selection of Homer’s work from the permanent collection at The Hyde. This selection focuses on the artist’s chronicling of American life through paintings and etchings. Visit www.hydecollection.org to learn more.

The Late Drawings of Andy Warhol, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls. Organized by the Andy Warhol Museum, one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, this exhibition features drawings Warhol created during the later years of his career. This exhibition is the inspiration for our summer events such as Can You Dig It?, Dog Day of August, A Brush & A Drink, and more. To learn more, visit www.hydecollection.org.


WiFi Open Mic Night, 7 to 9 p.m., Hudson River Music Hall, Hudson Falls.


Guided Tours,

Teen blacksmith will teach craft in Penn Hills

  1. When my brother started blacksmithing six years ago, I had never seen such a magical process. Bending steel to his very will, wreathed in white-hot sparks, ringing a church Hammer and tongs! In accord with my passionate pumping, the contained blaze
  2. He couldn't afford blacksmith equipment. His only job was playing the fife with the Fort Pitt Fife and Drum group, and he occasionally dog-sat, so he had to improvise. He made a cast-iron forge out of a brake drum he found in the woods, bought
  3. A pair of long-standing blacksmithing tongs standing upright in a small bucket, pierced the thick sole of one of his heavy boots but did not injure the foot. Though the handle was blunt, it imbedded itself so firmly in the boot that the latter had to

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