Old School Trades- Blacksmith

Nestled in the rugged hills around Lithgow, in central west NSW is the almost-deserted State Mine.

The tower above the mine shaft still stands, and large, long workshops sit around the disused coal mine site.

In one of the old brick workshops, Phil Spark holds a long bar of steel and thrusts it into a glowing pit of coke pieces.

Sparks flare-up and the noise of combustion fizzes and hisses.

"Traditionally blacksmithing is about manipulating hot metal," said Mr Spark, with his prominent English accent.

"The reason it is called a blacksmith is the metal is black as it cools."

Originally from northern England, Mr Spark completed an engineering degree before moving to Australia in the 1980s, where he fell in love with forging. He's since been blacksmithing for over 30 years, and declares he's in 'paradise'.

Blacksmiths use a range of tools to do their work, including forges (a heating pit reaching up to 1,400 degrees Celsius), hammers, anvils, tongs, power hammers, and presses.

Museum to feature blacksmith shop exhibit

  1. Meistrich, a government contractor, and Maness, a retired military member, said they enjoy the practice as a hobby, building typical blacksmith items such as hammers, tongs and other tools. “I always wanted to do it,” Maness said of the blacksmith
  2. CENTREVILLE — The Queen Anne's Museum of Eastern Shore Life has selected its blacksmith shop exhibit as the featured exhibit for the month of May. This exhibit contains an anvil and all the hammers, irons, tongs, firing equipment, and other tools and 
  3. The Lunch Box LLC, 2573 Blacksmith Way, East Petersburg, April 23. No violations. George's Jersey Sub & Deli, 5982 Main St., East Self-serve tongs on table in dining room are unprotected. Can opener blade is worn and needs replacing. V.I.M. Pizza 

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