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FAQ: Blacksmith Tongs?

FAQwhere can I buy decent but not too expensive blacksmith equipment, especially a forge and tongs. but especially a forge.
I didn't ask for "i don't knows....."

The best place to get blacksmithing materials is to make them yourself. After that the next thing you need to decide is what kind of fuel you are going to burn. Propane and solid fuel both have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Going hammer and tongs inside George Rousis' blacksmithing studio

Outside a weathered house on Woodland Avenue, the clang of metal striking metal reverberates up and down your spine as you approach the front door. You wonder if the man inside will hear you knock. You look at the intricately sculpted iron handle, and the sounds make sense.

Beyond the door is the studio of George Rousis, metalsmith. The space is messy, a little ramshackle, but it is also a place where fine things are made. Some of his bronze, iron and copper statues are the size of a wedding ring. Others are as large as the entryway gates he fashioned for the Children's Garden at the Kansas City Community Garden.

In the bowels of his studio, Rousis could pass for a Vulcan working his forge: sturdy from years of swinging hammers, his beard full enough to be a fire hazard. He says wearing a kilt has cured his back pain, but he also needs to be able to move easily. He's forever dropping things, dashing from one spot in the studio to the next, his trade a business timed in swiftly passing seconds.

Experience pre-industrial age blacksmithing at Gilfillan

  1. The blacksmith is one of the most enduring figures from the early days of American history. The art form calls to mind strength, ingenuity and craftsmanship…fire, iron and sweat. But in the age of technology and 3-D printers, what's to become of this
  2. “I didn't know where you could buy coal, how to make a coal fire, or how to use the tools, but when I would go to a threshing show and there was a blacksmith, I could sit there for hours and just watch,” he said. A mechanic by trade and a member of
  3. MOKENA – Back in the frontier days, every little Illinois town had a blacksmith. They were an irreplaceable part of the community, repairing buggies and wagons, sharpening the points on plows, fixing valuable tools and, of course, shoeing horses.

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