Keeping farm families safe


They say it takes a village to raise a child.

John Quirk, safety specialist with Rural Mutual Insurance, said it may take a family to raise a farm, but it's a challenge to keep everyone in that family safe.

It's no secret that farming is one of the most dangerous occupations. Since so many farm children live at the same location where their parents' work is being done, keeping farm children safe is something that should be on everyone's minds.

Speaking in the Family Living tent on the last day of Farm Technology Days at Sun Prairie, Quirk and Laura Daniels, a farmer and mother from southwestern Wisconsin, offered ideas for making the farm a safer place for everyone.

"Children think they are invincible," Laura said. "They think nothing can happen to them."

The two showed videos featuring interviews of real farmers who either had a close call or who lost a loved in a farm accident.

Laura admitted it is often difficult to talk about these things, especially if the accident could have been prevented, but she added, "We have to tell our stories because if we can save a child or prevent one accident from happening, it will be worthwhile."

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