Matilda tank at Imperial War MuseumMatilda tank at Imperial War MuseumMatilda tank at Imperial War Museum

Live at EIGA seminar - Day One

The EIGA (European Industrial Gases Association) Winter Seminar 2014 focuses on safe operation and regulation with respect to flammable gases. Flammable gases are an important part of the gas industry product portfolio and are widely used in many industries.

Due to their properties they are hazardous and, thus, there are safety issues that need to be addressed. To achieve this, the seminar aims to discuss the following themes;

Sharing of experience and best practices. Professional approach to safety issues (E.G. Protection of operators). Review or introduction of the basics, including key safety principles, hazards and safeguards. Learning from incidents. Awareness of applicable regulations. Awareness of existing industry knowledge and the EIGA library.

The parallel sessions will focus on acetylene and on other flammable gases such as hydrogen and gas mixtures.

And that is Day One finished. Be sure to visit the gasworld website for day two 07.30 (GMT) tomorrow.

Feds fine City of Newburgh ice company $260k for violations at Brooklyn plant

  1. 20, 2013, Kempton was using an oxy-acetylene torch to remove a part from the underside of a minivan that was sitting on a trailer outside the garage. "Somehow he nicked the gas tank or the gas line. There was an explosion and the car exploded with him 
  2. Arctic Glacier was also cited for a shortage of exit routes, a locked exit door and failing to properly store oxygen and acetylene tanks. Since 2011 the company has also been cited by OSHA for safety violations at its Newburgh facility, located at 225
  3. He taught himself to weld, using the acetylene and oxygen tanks. He was a good mechanic, fixing his own vehicles. He had a Model A car, played an organ that had all the sounds of different instruments and rhythms. He also enjoyed woodworking making 

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